Dog trainer shares eight best breeds to own if you have children

When welcoming a new pet into the family home, it’s important that you choose an animal suited to your lifestyle. A canine trainer has gone viral online for sharing the eight best dog breeds he believes are perfect for households with young kids.

Adam from Southend Dog Training posted a video on TikTok, answering the question: “Dog recommendations for families with smaller children?” His response racked up more than 51,000 views, with dozens of animal lovers supporting his chosen selection in the comments section.

H e described them as: “Probably the friendliest, most sociable dog on the planet, fantastic with children.

“Very soft, very gentle, but is also active enough that you can go away on holidays, trips to the beach etc.”

He said: “Other dog breeds that are notoriously good with children are the Staffordshire bull terrier, the border terrier, greyhound, St Bernard, Newfoundland, Bernese mountain dog, Leonberger to name a few.”

As well as recommending specific breeds, he added: “Make sure you teach your children that dogs aren’t climbing frames and to leave the dogs alone when they are eating and sleeping.

“Teach your child to be respectful of the dog, teach your dog to be respectful of your child.”

Dog owners praised Adam’s choice, with many sharing their love and devotion for golden retrievers and Staffies.

“I’ve always had a Staff since I was a little girl, they are amazing when trained right around children,” a TikToker commented.

Though one person warned: “I love my golden, sweetest thing but they tend to resource guard so make sure you are prepared with training.”

Others recommended dog breeds Adam has missed off the list.

“I have a goldendoodle who is amazing with kids and most loving dog ever,” someone said.

“My cockapoo is amazing with my kids and younger kids she meets. It’s how they are socialised and trained that matters,” another wrote.

“I can vouch for border terriers, we had one. Lovely natured dogs,” a third commented.