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Income Tax Deduction for Rs. 1,50,0000 is available under 80 C If the Investment is done under the Following Instruments.

  • Provident Funds.
  • National Savings Certificate.
  • Life Insurance Premium.
  • Housing Loans Repayment.
  • ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes- i.e. "Tax Saving Equity Mutual Funds").
  • This provides a tax saving of Rs. 45,000/- per annum at the highest tax slab (30% of Rs.1, 50,000 invested) regardless of the income bracket of the taxpayer.

Advantages of ELSS

As compared to the other tax saving instruments, ELSS scores higher on liquidity as it has the lowest lock-in period.

Investment option Lock in period

  • Public Provident Fund - 15 years*
  • National Savings Certificate - 6 years
  • ELSS - 3 years

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